Cycle Signals Plus


Cycle Signals Plus is a software program which reads the Investors FastTrack data and allows the user to find optimum combinations of securities, indexes, signals and parameters for supported indicators to use when tracing between a security and an index using a signal, combination signal or indicator.

The following versions are available:

Release 1.0.8


Release 1.0.8 and Beta versions prior to Beta are no longer supported. No updates will be made to these programs. Please see the revised troubleshooting page if you encounter problems with your installation. Please let me know of problems you encounter but I am devoting my efforts to CSP Beta and will make changes there. If you are having trouble with these versions that cannot be fixed by following the troubleshooting instructions, please try Beta

Cycle Signals Plus Beta runs on computers using the Windows 10 system.

Cycle Signals Plus is distributed over the internet. You may download Cycle Signals Plus to see how it works and how it can help you in your investment decisions.

Cycle Signals Plus Software, LLC

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